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Block Management

Block Management

We provide Block Management services for Blocks or Estates with a minimum of 2 units throughout England & Wales.

We pride ourselves in providing bespoke Block Management services to all of our clients.

If you are enquiring from a small property, please do not be put off as we will have a suitable package and team priced competitively to cater for your exact needs. 

Block Management services range from part management services, right through to complicated estate management.

We specialise in Block Management and would be delighted to have the opportunity to demonstrate that we would be the right choice.

If your current Managing Agent is not living up to your expectation, whether that means poor communication or failure to proactively manage issues or even inconsistent administration or poor service charge collection services, we can help you if you contacting us today.

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Service Overview

Block Management UK specialises in providing bespoke service to fulfil your specific requirements.

Exact details of your specified services are clearly stated within the management contract.

  • Budgeting and service charge collection.
  • Full management Service.
  • Health & Safety.
  • Contractor procurement.
  • Staff management.
  • 24hr maintenance service.
  • Dedicated team.
  • Scheduled property inspections.
  • On-site meetings.
  • Utilities review.
  • Regular newsletters.


Those with liability to insure will be aware of some of the inherent difficulties.

It is imperative that all aspects of insurance are explored to protect owners, RMCs, the residents, directors and of course the building. 

To the right is a list of the various aspects of insurance that we are competent on.

  • Sum insured.
  • Excesses.
  • Risks including Terrorism.
  • Contents.
  • Employer's liability insurance.
  • Director & Officer insurance.
  • Loss of rent.
  • Plant & equipment insurance.
  • Residents Association insurance.


Block Management UK takes great time and care to ensure that the properties that we manage are compliant with legislation and clients are kept up-to-date with the ever-changing regulations and best practices.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail.

  • In House Legal Department.
  • Appropriate people are members of the IRPM.
  • Investors in people application in hand.
Property inspections

Regular inspection is vital. The lack of presence by the managing agent will result in a poorly run building.

Block Management UK seek to agree a schedule of visits, the frequency depending upon the size and complexity of the property or services.

Whatever is agreed, we attend.

  • Inspection dates agreed from the outset.
  • Emergency visits are not a problem.
  • Site report prepared and distributed, as required, after visit.
  • All residents are notified in advance so that, if they require, they can meet our representative.
  • Photographs are taken of any defects, faults or problems.

Contracts General

Block Management UK will ensure that appropriate service contracts are in place to ensure that your building is safe and running smoothly.

Our software monitors expiry dates and service visits to ensure everything is in order. 

We are well versed in Section 20 procedures.

  • Negotiate service contracts.
  • Monitor quality.
  • Monitor cost control.
  • Re-tender where required.
  • Terminate contractor were unsatisfactory performance is evident.
  • Health & Safety.
  • Statutory compliance.

  • Management

  • Accounting

  • Company

  • Reporting

  • Credit

Management Fees

As all properties and client requirements are likely to be different we do not have a standard tariff of fees.

We believe in long-term relationships with our clients and therefore ensure our fees relate to the service required. It is vital that we have a full understanding of your management criteria and if you have serious issues relating to your building we would be more than happy to provide advice, to seek to resolve them.

Once we have had an initial meeting with you to discuss your exact management requirements we will then be in a position to provide a fixed quotation.

We would expect our online estimate to be substantially accurate and it is helpful to have as much information as possible – please do take the time to fill in the form. 

  • Diverse portfolio of clients.
  • Fees are in line with the R.I.C.S code of practice.
  • Fees tailored to each property.
  • Fees are all agreed prior to engagement.
  • Location and building type are taken in to account.

Service Charge Accounting

Backed by the power of PAMS, listed below are examples of some of duties.

  • Preparation of service charge budgets.
  • Demand & Collection of service charges, reserve funds and ground rents.
  • Cash flow forecasts and life time budgeting.
  • Payment of approved invoices to contractors and utilities.
  • Proactive credit control.
  • Year end reconciliations.
  • Preparation and submission of annual statements.
  • Full analyses of income and expenditure.
  • Delivery of documentation by post fax or email.

Budgeting & Management Accounts

Value for money commensurate with the level and quality of service are fundamental to our annual budget preparation.

We seek to negotiate on your behalf to reduce all costs were possible. As our management accounting is updated on a daily basis we strive to keep on top of cash flow and are able to report accordingly.

    • Budgets monitored for potential overspend.
    • Management accounts on line.
    • Trial balance produced each month.
    • Year-end surplus or deficit report instantly produced.

Management Software

We believe in providing the highest level of personal service to our clients.

  • Powerful financial control - robust accounting control of client funds, authorisation of expenditure and debt collection facilities, plus fully automated bank reconciliation process.
  • Service charge accounting procedures control the service charge budgeting, reporting and reconciliation processes, conforming to current legislation.
  • Pre-payment and accruals allows for optional automatic split of expenditure across service charge periods.
  • Auto emailing of tenant demands, arrears letters and statements, plus supplier purchase order and remittance advices.
  • Planned and reactive maintenance tasks are controlled through defined stages, including purchase order production, commitment accounting, and invoice authorisation.
  • Web Access provides web access for tenants, clients and Propman users.
  • Full on line access to your personal account.
  • Through a secure log in Directors can view live accounting data relating to their building giving a full breakdown of the blocks financial details.
  • Each client via their secure password can log in to the system to view their own mini statement.
  • Access to all relevant building reports such as budgets, newsletters etc.
  • Access your data anywhere in the world.
  • Complete transparency between yourselves (the client) and your agents.

Company Secretarial

The Companies Act 2006 introduced important changes to the way in which small private companies (e.g. Right To Manage Co or Residents Management Co) are to run

Block Management UK can guide you through the obligations and best practice.

Existing companies may change their existing articles
to take advantage of the greater flexibility in the newer
models default version. We can help you with this.


There are many different ways for us at Block Management to keep you updated regarding what is going on in your property.

Whichever options and services you choose we know that you will be more than satisfied.

Transparency and the necessity to provide live up-to-date accurate information is paramount to us.

  • Delivery by fax post for email.
  • Periodic Newsletters.
  • Income & expenditure reports.
  • Arrears reports.
  • Month end report.

Credit Control

The timely collection of service charge is often critical to cash flow and can adversely impact services if mis-managed.

Block Management UK focusses on anyone defaulting in payment and strictly adhere to the provisions contained within leases.

Early action in conjunction with your Solicitor (or one that we can recommend) is essential. 

  • Statutory demands.
  • Statements issued each month.
  • Automatic generation of arrears letters.
  • Automatic follow-up procedure.
  • Personal contact.
  • Full collection service for serious offenders.

  • Major Works

  • RICS

  • Maintenance

  • 24 Hour
  • On site

Major Works

Major works can arise as a result of an emergency or as part of planned maintenance programmes to reflect obligations contained within leases. 

Block Management UK will procure suitable contractors, tender works where appropriate and manage existing and future programmes to protect the asset and ensure the building does not deteriorate. The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations can be managed to reflect the circumstances

    • Contractor procurement.
    • Health & Safety.
    • The preparation of works specification.
    • S20 consultation.
    • Supervision of all building & services works.
    • Management of contracts.
    • CDM Regulations.
    • Budgeting & collection of funds.
    • The tender and selection of appropriate contractors.
    • Risk assessments.
    • Method Statements.
    • Building control regulations.
    • Project management of works.
    • Initiating and implementing preventative maintenance.
    • Ensuring long term objectives are achieved.
    • Issuing all necessary documentation.

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

One of the Directors on the board of Block Management UK is MRICS qualified.

We do therefore adhere to the RICS code of practice to give our clients peace of mind that their building is in good hands.

  • Major works over seen.
  • Dilapidation works.
  • Contract administration.
  • Boundary disputes.
  • Proactive maintenance plans.
  • Rent reviews.
  • Lease renewals.
  • Landlord & tenant matters.
  • Insurance valuations.
  • Tenders & specifications.
  • Party wall works.


Common parts landings and stairwells are often the most affected area of a building and their condition is a reflection of the size and set up of the property. The cleaning frequency must reflect the specific requirements.

Poor cleaning management results in further wear and tear to the property and a build-up of dirt and litter that in turn can cause pest infestation and bad odour. Block Management UK believe in getting this right 1st time. 

Our regular inspections ensure the cleanliness of the common parts. Complacency by any contractor will not be countenanced.

  • We set up a cleaning programme to suit the property.
  • We regularly inspect  to assure quality control.
  • We tender the contracts to ensure best value.
  • We monitor the progress of the contract.
  • We use quality contractors.
  • We do not pay for poor quality works.

In addition to the external appearance of any building, impressions are also affected by the condition of grounds and amenity areas. Block Management UK believe that this area of up-keep is of paramount importance and will facilitate appropriate services. 

The maintenance of grounds, car parking, refuse collection areas and flowerbeds is a direct reflection of the quality of service provided by the block manager. 

Regular focus on litter and weeds in the grounds, borders and flowerbeds and cutting areas of lawn create the best impression.

  • Regular up-keep during all seasons.
  • Regularly inspections to maintain quality.
  • Tender the service contracts to ensure best value.
  • Quality contractors.
  • We will not pay for poor quality works.
Safety Equipment

Block Management UK complies with the statutory obligations to assure safety. 

It is crucial that premises are risk assessed to ensure that all residents, contractors, visitors and any third party are safe whilst at the property. 

Any plant (i.e. lifts, boilers, water installations, air conditioning and other machinery) must be managed in accordance with the relevant legislation. Block Management UK looks after the duty of care considerations

Do your premises comply with current standards of safety? 

The risk assessment is a vital starting point.

  • Fire detection systems.
  • Smoke detection systems.
  • Smoke extraction systems.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • CCTV systems.
  • Electronic door access systems.
  • Fire extinguishers.
  • Panic buttons.
  • Water hygiene management.
  • Lift.
  • Communal boilers and calorifiers.
  • Swimming pools and leisure facilities.

Security, including the safety of residents, their property and others attending the premises, is of the upmost importance. 

It is important to ensure maxim protection is achieved, commensurate with the risk, but without compromising access for those that properly require it.

  • We recommend that a basic intercom system is in place.
  • We strongly recommend that external doors (not emergency egress) are kept locked.
  • We recommend external cupboards including bin stores are locked.
  • We recommend the use of CCTV systems in larger buildings.
  • We provide a security report on all managed buildings.
  • Where required we provide doorman and night security staff.
  • Key fob systems are now the best form of front line security.
  • Security entrance keys.
Building Plant

Even the smallest of buildings have some sort of equipment that requires maintenance. All equipment is an asset and Block Management UK can facilitate the requirements in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Equipment can range from a basic entry phone system, to lifts & central heating or cooling systems and swimming pools. Incorrect or inadequate maintenance can be costly in a short period of time.

  • We facilitate an audit of all plant and equipment.
  • We ensure appropriate insurance.
  • We tender service contracts to ensure all plant and equipment is maintained.
  • We follow up contactors reports and action as necessary.
  • We ensure that a 24hr service is provided by the contracted service company.
  • We facilitate an on-going preventative maintenance programme.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Block Management UK can provide a full 24hr maintenance support service to ensure your property is protected at all times.

Many emergencies will happen outside normal working hours and our help desk is always open to deal with these types of problem.

  • Health & Safety vetting.
  • Arrangement of full 24 hour maintenance cover.
  • Dedicated out of hours team.
  • Companies on standby for any form of emergency.
  • All trade types covered.
  • All trades men are suitably qualified.
  • All trade suppliers have to pass our vigorous checks and continue to provide a 1st class service throughout their contract.
  • After care service.
  • On-going support during major disasters.
  • On-line works tracking.


Whether there are part-time employees or full-time concierge, caretaker, porter, handy person or otherwise, we can provide HR services and cover all aspects of employment law and health & safety. 

  • We manage all employed staff.
  • We manage health & safety.
  • We manage employment Law.
  • We recruit on your behalf.
  • We manage employment contracts.
  • We manage the welfare of all staff.
  • We manage training programmes.

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