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Block Management in City of London Borough and surrounding area.

We provide block management services for Blocks with a minimum of 2 apartments up to large estates in City of London borough and surrounding area, one of our london offices is located within easy reach from your borough, so we are perfectly situated to be on hand for full block management services, more so it's very easy for you to visit us!

Over the recent years there has been dramatic growth in developing blocks of flats throughout the area, most of these developments have had agents forced upon them by commercial freeholders.

Many leaseholders have had enough and are looking to change to a company such as ours.

We pride ourselves in providing bespoke services to all of our clients.

If you are enquiring from a small property don't be put off we will have a suitable package and team priced accordingly and competitively to cater for your exact needs.

Services range from part management services, right through to complex estate management and flat management.

We are the right company for the job, we specialise in Block Management.

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