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Company Secretarial Service

Service offered to a private limited company (residential management company) to act as the company secretary, the company secretaries role is to maintain the registered office, comply with rules regarding the AGM and Board meetings including uploading all relevant data to companies house.

They are frequently involved in ensuring the company is legally compliant and negotiating with outside advisors e.g. lawyers.

Keeping company records and documents Every company must keep official records and these are usually delegated to the company secretary. They include registers of:

  • indemnities
  • service contracts
  • debenture holders
  • registers of directors
  • registers of members
  • records of resolutions
  • registers of secretaries
  • contracts relating to purchase of own shares
  • interests in shares disclosed to public company
  • instruments creating charges and register of charges
  • documents relating to redemption or purchase of own shares out of capital by a private company
  • report to members of outcome of investigation by a public company into interests in its shares Members of the public have the right to inspect these records.

You must keep the records available for public inspection at either your company's registered office or at a single alternative inspection location that must be notified to Companies House.

It is recommended that you have a system for record-keeping, so you can be sure your company is meeting its legal requirements. In the case of private companies, someone wishing to inspect company records must normally give at least ten days notice. However, this is two days if it's in the run-up to a company meeting or during the four weeks for consideration of a written resolution.

You may charge members of the public 3.50 an hour. However, you may not charge members of the company.

You must also keep minutes of board meetings and general meetings and you should also keep official documents secure. You may need these, for example, to open a bank account. They include:

  • the Certificate of Incorporation recording the formation of the company
  • the Memorandum and Articles of Association setting out the purpose of the company and how it must be run
  • copies of the accounts
  • share certificates and stock transfers
  • any directors service contracts

You must also provide information in addition to what you must send to Companies House:

  • you must send copies of the accounts to every shareholder, holders of debentures and persons entitled to receive notice of general meetings before they are filed with the registrar of companies
  • you must allow shareholders to inspect the minutes of a general meeting, and to have a copy of them
  • any member of the public can ask for a copy of the register of shareholders

Block Management

Registered office

It's important that you don't miss paper work that been sent to the companies registered address, these documents are quite often of the up most importance and failure to act on the contents will in most cases have serious consequences.

With our company secretarial service you need not worry as we have the process in place to insure all documents are acted upon. We don't have to manage you, this service is available to anyone that wishes to use it, contact us today to discuss your requirements and receive a fixed cost for this service.

Block Management

Share Register Management

Well what is a share register?

The share register basically is the allocation of shares that make up the equity in your own management company, so for example of you live in a block of 10 flats, its likely that you will own one share in your "RMC" residential management company.

Traditionally it's the role of the company secretary to make sure that the shares are correctly allocated and more so that the allocation is up to date, so for example if you sell your leasehold interest, your share in the company would need to be transferred to the new leaseholder.

Messy or incorrect share allocation will hamper and delay the sale process of your property and it can also prevent you from having your say at the annual general meeting, its another one of those jobs that is time consuming and requires knowledge to perform, therefore it should be left to the professional to perform.


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