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Switching Agents

This need not be complicated and we are experienced in managing the whole transfer process.

If your current Manager is not living up to your expectation, whether that means poor communication or failure to proactively manage issues or even inconsistent administration or poor service charge collection services, have you considered a change?

Most times poor performance can be resolved by contacting your agent but what if there is no real improvement?

As an RMC or RTB company, the directors have the ability to change arrangements by appointing another manager, subject to any existing contractual position.

In a few simple steps you can:

1. Notify your agent in writing that you no longer wish to be managed by them; there may be a minimum notice period or a default position under any existing management contract.

2. Once any notice period has expired you are free to appoint another agent; the process can commence earlier to enable continuity of service throughout the changeover process.

3. Switching to Block Management UK Ltd is straightforward;

simply fill in a few property details at to receive a free management quotation; mention that you are considering switching from your current agent and one of our sales team will call you at a time convenient to you.


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