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As a company we have not moved away from our core business as such we are committed to providing services relating to block management.

We recognise that there are other services that are closely related therefore we are pleased to recommend our lettings partner for services such as find a tenant full management, as an existing Bmuk client you will receive a substantial discount on their services, if you're not an existing client then please mention our website when communicating with them as you will also be entitled to a discount.

Over the past few years, a small number of our clients have expressed an interest in us carrying out the Letting Management of their leasehold flats. Having managed a number of lettings within our managed properties there appears to be many advantages for the Block Manager to carry out both tasks.

A prime example of dual management would be if there is a leak from the flat above yours we can immediately contact that flat owner and deal with the problem and this eliminates the necessity of a third party agent and in all cases will ensure that problems are dealt with both quickly and cost effectively.

If you are interested in finding out more about this new service and want to take part in our study, please visit and fill out the online form.

Once we have received your information we will contact you detailing all of our services and costs.

It might at this stage persuade you to do so, by knowing that the full management fee will only be 5% on rental income NO VAT, we are only offering this reduced fee to existing clients that own property within our managed blocks or estates.


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