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Block Management

Our Clients

We have a particularly diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from the lessees of a small block of 2 units, to RMCs through to the freeholders of a large estate of 387 units.

We are not deterred by size or location and are keen to offer our quality services tailored to your needs and budget.


"At last we have found Management Company that really do what they say they can do."
R Roberts 36 flats London

"Our property is a complex building built in 2005 comprising 120 apartments mainly residential  with some mixed commercial use.

BMUK. were appointed over 2 years ago when we came into difficulties with our previous agent, who were simply just not up to the job causing us problems with late filing, inconsistent accounting and general bad management.

We work closely with BMUK. who listen to and meet our requirements and allow us to have as much or as little input in the day to day running of the building as we choose. Their communications are excellent as is their response to emergencies and enquiries.

Since Block has taken over, the building is running smoothly and on budget. We are frequently complimented on how nice the building is and it remains a superb landmark building where people want to live.
I trust this helps you make your decision on your future agent easier."

Yours sincerely
Stephen 120 Apartments Plymouth

"The online PAMS system is amazing, we use it whist having our weekly board meeting."
Simon Arnold 42 flats Ipswich

"I am a client of Block Management UK, and have been since November 2008. I am happy with the service i am receiving to date. From when they took over last few year, they have made improvements to the property, and they choose contractors who can do the work efficiently and at a good price. All the staff are approachable and return your calls within a good timescale. I would recommend Block Management to anyone who needs their flat blocks managed to a good standard."
Matt 12 flats Ipswich

"I would like to thank you and your team at Block Management for the transformation you are bringing about at Cooper's Court. The communal areas are now looking fresh and clean and outside the gardens are weed and litter free. This has done much to encourage a sense of pride in the building which will hopefully lead to good practice in the future. Queries, questions and problems are dealt with promptly and courteously which is so reassuring.

Thank you also for your patience, sensitivity and persistence in securing all the relevant documentation in the handover of the management company from the developer to the leaseholders. The result has been a smooth transition conducted with professionalism.

In these economically uncertain times it is even more important to protect our investment in property, effective management as that demonstrated by your company is vital."
Mrs Roll 24 flats Kings Lynn

"* We weren't happy with the previous management as we realized they mismanaged our monthly Service Charge.

* We had a meeting with the Director of Block Management and we felt, that we could work together.

* We have mutual respect with Block Management, they are approachable and so far they kept their promise to us in Commodore House.

Thanks for your help"
Maddie 24 Flats Basildon

"To whom it may concern:

Block Management UK Ltd have been acting as our agent since January 2009. I find their approach to property management very professional and efficient. Its been a pleasure working with them.

They are a breath of fresh air compared to our last agency, are responsive, proactive and take our concerns seriously.

Finally, we are undertaking all of the works to our property that we have never been able to organise with our former agents.

I would recommend them to others."
James 16 Flats Chelsea
"We engaged Block Management to manage our property in September 2005. In the years I have resided there, I can clearly say that Block Management is by far the best managing agent we have had.

Jaqui Greene takes a personal interest in the property and is on site with regularity. As a result, we have dealt with urgent matters that had been ignored for years. One example being the replacement of the building's water tank which was rusted and depreciated to the point of impending failure and a resultant flooding of the building. It is comforting to know that our managing agent discovers such things before they become a disaster.

The stable of vendors and workmen used by Block Management is superb. I have used several of their contractors personally, and have found them to be reliable, efficient, and a pleasure to do business with.

The relationship with and supervision of our resident building porter is outstanding. The attention to pay matters, working and living conditions and job performance has paid great dividends in increased efficiency and productivity.

Our financial matters are handled with excellence. Upon taking our job, Block Management had to sort out a very significant mess of details which they inherited. This morass of confusion was sorted out quickly, and everything has been well managed from then on.

Jaqui Greene attends our board meetings, and her reports and recommendations are clear, concise, and very pertinent. Thanks to this diligence, we are well aware of what is going on, and what we actions we need to take.

It is without hesitation that I recommend Block Management to anyone who wishes to have excellence in the managing of their properties. If you wish to speak to me further about Block Management I would be happy to do so."
Ralph B 12 Apartments Mayfair

"I am pleased with the services provide by Block Management since December 2008. I must accept that the staff at Block Management is very prompt and friendly. They are very prompt in replying email and taking the necessary actions.

They also available over the phone as and when required. The best part I liked is the online access to accounts which gives immediate information on company financial status and saves time and avoid any confusion. I am happy to provide further references to Block Management. Best wishes."
Neeraj 18 Flats Ipswich

"Although there offices are miles away from us, every month we get visited by the property inspector, great service!"
J Mctaggaert 12 Flats Carlisle

"We are a small building of only 3 flats, we cant believe the service we get compared to our previous agents."
Mrs Patel 3 flats Plymouth

Block Management


Our Sites

We have taken a selection of images randomly from some of our managed properties, the aim here is to demonstrate the diversity of our portfolio, so whatever the size and shape of your property please get in touch.

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Block Management


Small Sites

We have taken a selection of images randomly from some portfolio, please take time to review.

Block Management


Medium Sites

We have taken a selection of images randomly from some portfolio, please take time to review.

Block Management


Large Sites

We have taken a selection of images randomly from some portfolio, please take time to review.


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